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Welcome to (and!

This site has been a dream of mine for a long time. Strategy RPGs have long been my favorite video game genre, since way back to Shining Force 1!

This site is brand new and will be going through growing pains for a quite a while, so please stay tuned, and follow us on Twitter for updates!

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Home page header illustrator by Omercan Cirit.

What is an SRPG?

I sometimes refer to “Strategy Role Playing Games”, aka “Tactical Role Playing Games”, as “Chess, RPG”. What this really means is that there is a strategic board (in the form of a game “level”), positioned with units of various types, and layered with Role Playing Game-esque growth ramps.

These games are generally turn-based, meaning players have time to position their units during turns, and at their own pace. There are other characteristics which are often found in SRPGs as well, such as an isometric or top-down view of the world, upgradable weapons and abilities, a robust story, and a wide variety of characters who make up your team, though all these rules are sometimes broken to varying degrees.

The most recognizable franchises in the SRPG genre tend to be “Final Fantasy Tactics”, “Fire Emblem”, “X-Com”, and “Disgaea”, though there are tons of awesome SRPG games and franchises, both classic and new.