Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes, is a mobile phone app. The game was launched both on Android and iOS devices on the same day in territories worldwide.

Heroes revolves around using various Fire Emblem characters from numerous games, three of which are exclusive to Heroes. Heroes may be summoned either via completing special missions or Summoning them using Orbs. When Summoning, the player expends 5 Orbs for a board containing 5 colored Orbs, reflecting the type of Hero summoned if selected. Once selected, the player is given the option to summon another hero for 4 Orbs. The player may summon up to three more Heroes for 4 Orbs, where the fifth and final orb on the board will cost 3, making a complete board purchase cost 20 Orbs. Once summoned, that Hero becomes a permanent member of the player's army and can be trained to become stronger.

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