LaPucelle: Tactics

LaPucelle: Tactics

La Pucelle: Tactics is a strange tale of betrayal and double crosses. In this role-playing adventure, humans and monsters take each others forms and fight to control medieval Europe. An undisciplined but powerful young girl falls into this intrigue, working with La Pucelle -- a famous demon-hunting squad. Use her powers to unravel this web of deceit. Beautiful hand-drawn graphics immerse you in this new but strangely familiar world.

La Pucelle takes place in a kingdom named Paprica. The story centers on a small church, the Church of the Holy Maiden, in the city of Pot a Feu. In addition to the normal role of a church it has a group of trained demon hunters, La Pucelle. Two of La Pucelle's newest members are Prier, a sixteen-year-old girl, and her twelve-year-old brother Culotte.

The Dark Prince, favored servant of the fallen angel Calamity, will reportedly rise to scourge the land. When the prince rises a warrior, the Maiden of Light, will challenge him and restore the balance of light and darkness. Prier hopes to be the Maiden of Light.

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