Suikoden Tactics

Suikoden Tactics

Suikoden Tactics takes you into the world of the popular role-playing game Suikoden, for incredible strategy and combat simulation gaming. See this world through the eyes of Kyril, a young adventurer who investigates the sudden appearance of hideous creatures in the Island Nations. As you explore and battle with him, you'll discover the secrets of the legendary Rune Cannons -- and try to destroy them before they destroy the world. Real-time rendered story events and voiceovers

  • Over 25 battle scenarios in highly detailed 3D battle environments
  • Modify your characters' skills, tailor their equipment and upgrade their weapons to fully customize your team members throughout the game
  • Unique Combination Attack system allows players to combine the powers of numerous characters in battle, as they build friendships with one another
  • Includes a cast of over 50 characters - some new to the series and others that were featured in Suikoden IV
  • Stunning environments, extravagant and exciting story scenes and an amazing cast of characters
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