Telepath Tactics

Telepath Tactics

Telepath Tactics is a turn-based tactical sRPG with destructible battlefield environments, multiple game types, elevation bonuses, status effects, and 23 unique unit classes with distinct strengths, weaknesses and abilities that shape their role on the battlefield.

Telepath Tactics features a completely new engine written from-the-ground-up. It features an intuitive mouse-driven interface and a million little wish list items accumulated from previous Telepath games:

  • battlefields can be any size
  • click on a character to see every space it can move to, then click a space and it will walk to it automatically
  • each unit has multiple elemental strengths and weaknesses
  • build battlefield objects (like bridges and barricades) in unlimited quantities, or place explosive charges to take down walls and other destructible objects
  • attacks that can hit at multiple ranges
  • battlefield elevation with effects on movement and ranged attacks
  • see every attack's element and base damage before you attack
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