Banner Saga 2, The

Banner Saga 2, The
  • An epic RPG with turn based combat, where your choices in travel, inventory management and battles can have devastating consequences.
  • Beautifully hand drawn 2D graphics brings this Viking inspired world to life during combat sequences and narrative animations.
  • Interact with human, varl (giant horned Viking warriors) and now a new race, the 'horseborn', as you struggle to survive the onslaught of the dredge army.
  • Improved combat with more strategic battle boards and new units and enemies to defeat enhances turn based battles and permanent loss of characters will still weigh heavy on your mind.
  • A brand new score composed by Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory brings the world of the Banner Saga to life once more.
Platform: Android, IOS, PC, PS4, Xbox One Release Date: Rating: Developed By: Publisher: says...

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