Guided Fate Paradox, The

Guided Fate Paradox, The

Players take on the role of high school student Renya Kagurazaka who has become a god by winning a lottery in a mall. Renya must travel through the Copy World in order to affect changes in the Original World and make people's wishes come true. But is there some other force at work?

The game is a randomly-generated roguelike taking place from an isometric perspective, in which the player embarks into themed dungeons, attempting to level up and ultimately beat the boss of the dungeon. Renya is also accompanied by a selectable angel, who provides support by attacking enemies, healing/buffing the player, or throwing them to different places. If the angel dies in battle, they become unavailable until the player is killed or leaves the dungeon.

The player can equip different weapons and armor, which increases in power when it is used in battle, until it "Bursts", reducing its power. Bursting an item allows it to be leveled up at the blacksmith if the player can bring it back to the base. It also gives the player a "holy icon" which the player can use to increase their innate abilities and those of their angels. If the player dies or exits the dungeon, their "total level" increases, giving boosts to the player's innate stats even though they return to level 1.

Later on, the player gains the ability to use "summon sets", sets of equipment that cannot be lost upon death, but can only be summoned for a set number of turns.

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