The player controls a group of heroes or commanders to accomplish some goals each phase. They are joined with non-controlled allies to battle with enemies commanders. Before each phase, the player can purchase up to eight army units from a single type for every one of its heroes. The type of the available army depends on the hero class (e.g. Griffons can only be purchased by Dragon Knights) and have different prices. At the end of each phase, any survivor army provides some amount of cash for the player to use next time.

After each battle, the winning commander gains experience that allows him to upgrade to a more powerful class. If a hero dies, he is lost forever.

During the game, you slowly acquire ally leaders, each of whom can hire up to 8 troops (each troop representing 10 soldiers) to fight in stages called Scenarios. Each scenario starts you out in a defensive position with enemies nearby and a goal to accomplish. Typical goals are, "Protect this person", "Destroy all the enemies", "Destroy the enemy leader (other enemies optional)" and several other types. You chose where to place your troops in the beginning, and the formations you want to fight in.

Along the way, you also acquire special items that can increase the power of your commanders. As your commanders gain experience, they can be promoted to different "classes" with new spells, and new abilities.

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